Writing at Westwood is designed to allow the children to develop the technical skills of grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting alongside opportunities to be truly creative in the composition skills.  Our approach is based around “Talk For Writing” (TFW).  In TFW, children are given lots of opportunities to discuss a model text, learning it using story maps and drama, and then using it as a basis for their own writing later.  Once they have been taught the required technical elements of a text, they then plan their own version using “Box It Up” techniques to help them structure their work.  From here, the children increasingly apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired independently in their writing of the genre.

From year one onwards, the TFW approach is based very much in the model proposed by Pie Corbett, using many of his strategies.  As the children move into the upper school, these techniques are adapted so that they are less prescriptive and more personally creative, using strategies introduced to the school by author Adam Guillain when he visited, in which stories are learnt more loosely using “stepping out” processes but still forming the basis of writing through talk.



The following website (Mr Thorne) may help you with supporting your child with the teaching of phonics, grammar or punctuation.



Correctly forming letters is an important part of handwriting and the following document will help support home learning in forming letters in the right direction and pattern:

How to form letters correctly in handwriting


The following document contains guidance about the spelling requirements for each year group set out in the National Curriculum:

Information on spelling for Years 1-6

Spelling Objectives by Year

Reception High Frequency and tricky words for Reading and Spelling