The aims of the Westwood Academy Curriculum.

Our ambition and intent.

  • Create highly effective learning across the whole school, across all subjects in the national curriculum.
  • Enable high attainment for all our pupils.
  • Create character through embedding the values of our trust throughout our pedagogy and curriculum content.
  • Support pupils to lead healthy, productive lives, able to contribute positively to the community and country.

What local context have we considered?

Pupils historically enter the school with lower start points for: –

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED).
  • Communication, Language and Literacy (CLL).

Support disadvantaged pupils to achieve at least as well as their peers.

And So We Will Do These Things: –

  • Build character and develop PSED by incorporating our TRUST VALUES into our curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Develop CLL by creating opportunities to talk and read across our curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Continue to use research to inform how we use our pupil premium grant, to maximise it’s impact.

Our Trust Values.

These will be the golden thread evident in all our learning, in daily practise, through enrichment activities, in our language, and in the character we develop in our pupils (and staff): –


And So Our Learning Will Be Full Of…

Opportunities to: –

  • Work together,
  • Try something tricky,
  • Be determined,
  • Find a new way, and…

Our language and modelling will reflect these values, our pupils will develop these characteristics as well as the knowledge and skills of National Curriculum content.

Why National Curriculum Content?

  • Because it is a proven, fit for purpose program of study that allows pupils to progress skills and knowledge across all our phases.
  • It enables smooth transition into secondary education.
  • We’ll adapt our pedagogy to support our local context in the delivery of the curriculum.
  • It’s been successfully used historically…

“The curriculum provides pupils with broad and enriching experiences.  Exciting themes capture pupils interests and enthusiasm, and ensure they make good progress across all subjects.”

We’ll Make It Interesting!

  • We will “ENRICH TO ENTHUSE” learning.
  • We will launch each topic with an activity that captures the interest and imagination of our learners.
  • We will end each topic with a celebration event to bring all the learning together, sharing with others.

In Summary, Our Curriculum Is…

…full of National Curriculum content, with PSED and CLL as an early focus.  Our pedagogy is underpinned by our TRUST VALUES (the golden thread woven through all we do). You’ll see pupils who are enthused to learn because each topic will spark their interest through exciting enrichment. You’ll see pupils talking to each other about writing and reasoning. They will challenge themselves to try tricky things without fear of getting something wrong, and they will be prepared to find new ways of thinking.  This will be inclusive of ALL pupils too, with appropriate activities to meet their needs. For some, it’ll mean using research informed strategies, like the EEF toolkit, or our knowledge of supporting pupils with SEN effectively. The outcomes will be high attainment across the curriculum, with pupils well prepared for secondary school and a healthy, happy and productive life.

Westwood Academy – Our curriculum