The Nursery at Westwood Academy.

Westwood provide our own nursery provision. In October 2017, the nursery was relocated in the main school building in a bright, large, well-equipped space that is situated next to our Reception class – making the transition process from our nursery to Reception even more integrated and supporting the children to move seamlessly through different phases of education at Westwood.

If you are interested in your child joining the sessions at Westwood Nursery, we operate a limited number of spaces per session, and sessions run from 8:45 am – 11:45 am Monday to Friday and from 12:15 am – 3:15 pm Monday to Thursday.  Please contact the school office to see if there are currently spaces available.  Applications should be returned to the school office either by post, person or via email – our details are here.  Where we do not have space available, we will keep a waiting list in order of our admission criteria set out in our Westwood Nursery Admissions Policy and will contact parents in order when a space becomes available.

In 2016-17, every child that left our nursery achieved the age related learning goals set for them – 100%.  This enables the nursery children to enter reception classes fully prepared and confident.

We also offer a lunchtime provision for 3 year olds, where they engage with the rest of the school in the dining room at lunch time whilst having their packed lunches – again making the transition into school much easier.  This provision is available in limited numbers on a first come, first served basis (not available on a Friday).

If you require further information about this exciting provision then please contact the school office on 01702 559467.

Please note that there is a separate admissions process to get a place at Westwood Academy on entry to the reception year.  Attendance at the nursery does not guarantee a place at the school for reception year.  Details of our admission process for the main school can be found here.

Our nursery handbook is below and gives information about our provision.

Nursery Parent Handbook 2020