At Westwood, we love sport, being active, and trying new things that might just turn into something we enjoy for the rest of our lives.  Clubs in schools can be expensive things, which is why we use our Sports Premium money to provide as many free club places as possible across a whole range of brilliant sports.

This year, we will continue to use our Sports Premium funding (SP) to make more clubs available to our pupils free of charge – this is to increase participation rates in sport and to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.  Through the course of the school year, we will seek to offer the clubs that the pupils most want, as identified through pupil perception analysis.

Please ask at the school office about availability of places in each club, some have specific application forms and these are also available from the school office.

Tuesday3.15-4.15StreetdanceYear 1Funded by Sports PremiumDeanes
Thursday3.15-4.15BasketballYear 6Funded by Sports PremiumDeanes
Friday12.30-1.00BasketballYear 2Funded by Sports PremiumDeanes
1.30-2.30FootballYear 3, Year 4 & Year 5Funded by Sports PremiumDeanes