How we realize our curriculum.

A cross curricular approach to learning.

Topics are identified to enable cross curricular opportunities to learn knowledge and skills from National Curriculum content.

An overview of the topics planned for the year can be found here

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer2
Early YearsPeople Who Help UsCelebrationsWe Are All superheroes!The Living WorldOnce Upon A StoryUnder The Sea
Year 1Toy Story/Once Upon A TimeMerry Christmas & RecyclingExplorers/ChinaThe Secret Life of Plants & AnimalsLondon’s BurningI Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
Year 2Who Lives In A House Like This?CastlesArctic AdventureGrowing GreenTwo By Two/Noah’s ArkTime Travellers
Year 3Rock of AgesMighty MountainsLet There Be Light!All Aboard/TitanicFlower PowerThe Vikings
Year 4Rotten RomansYou Are What You EatMaking ConnectionsRainforestsEager EgyptiansSwitched On
Year 5To Infinity & BeyondExtreme EarthWhat Am I?The MayansHome Or AwayInventors & Discoveries
Year 6World WarsWorld WarsMake Your MarkThe GreeksPotion Commotion!All Change!


This is a start point and is subject to change in response to the pupil’s interests identified throughout the year where appropriate.  In Early Years in particular, our use of “In The Moment Planning” will make every interaction with pupils bespoke to their individual interests, rather than tied to a theme.

Progression Statements.

We have developed progression statements from Early Years through to year 6 across all subjects, from Development Matters (EYFS) and the National Curriculum.  A progression of skills and knowledge results as each year, previous learning is revisited and built upon with new learning across the curriculum.

Into the classroom.

Teachers plan lessons, activities and enrichment incorporating opportunities to talk (to promote CLL across the school), the trust values (to create character and promote PSED across the school), and to identify opportunities to enrich the learning of pupils regularly as well as celebrate the successes of learning through celebration events.