Year 5

Our History topic this half term in 5B is “The Victorians”. We will be finding out about Queen Victoria, the Industrial revolution and identifying inventors of that period. We will be looking at 19th century art, in the form of the pre-Raphaelites and will be creating our own artwork in this style. In D &T we will be designing and creating a toy, based on Victorian times.

Literacy will find us, writing in response to the text ‘Who let the Gods out?’

Our Math’s work will involve us converting measures, consolidation of the four operations and we will also be using our problem-solving and reasoning skills to provide challenge.

In Science, we will be identifying forces and the use of mechanisms, such as levers, gears and pulleys

5B will have PE, on Tuesdays. Please ensure your child has their named PE kit at school at all times. The school rule is that no earrings are allowed to be worn during PE, therefore it would be appreciated if children remove their earrings before they come to school on PE days.

Children will be given one set of spellings each week and will be tested on Thursdays, sometimes using dictation. Times Tables Rock Stars is still to be used to practise times tables and of course, daily reading, please remember to sign your child’s reading card.

Optional homework for half-term – (Choose 1)

  1. Make a list of 20 objects that we would use now that the Victorians used.
  2. Write 10 facts about Queen Victoria.
  3. Write a timetable of a normal school day for you, then write a timetable of a Victorian schoolchild’s day and find 3 ways they are different.
  4. Make a 3D object from Victorian times.
  5. Draw or paint a picture of a scene from the Victorian times e.g. Queen Victoria on the throne, a matchbox girl out on the street, a poor family eating dinner.