Year 4

In Literacy this term our story writing will focus on Roman myths and legends, characters and settings. Our non-fiction writing will be a recount.  READING:  Children are reminded to take their reading book and Reading Record home every night and they should be brought into school every day. In year 4 it is still very important for children to read to an adult as much as possible (even if they are a fluent reader). We expect them to read to an adult at least 3 x a week. Please sign and use the Reading Record book. In Numeracy we will be covering the following areas of mathematics: place value and understanding of number, mental and written methods of all four operations and also measurement including area and perimeter. Times tables skills are very important in year 4 so please support your child in learning their times tables.

Autumn 1 topic: Rotten Romans. This is a history based topic where we will be learning about the Roman Empire. This will include: The Roman invasion of Britain and why the Romans came to Britain, a comparison between the Romans and the Celts, Boudicca’s revolt against the Romans and also what the Romans did for us. Autumn 2 topic The second half term topic is Switched on! This is a Science and DT based topic where we will be learning and investigating about electricity. This work will involve lots of practical investigations into how circuits work. We will be investigating conductors and insulators of electricity and how to make a switch for a simple circuit. At the end of this topic the pupils will apply their knowledge to create an electrical device.

Weekly reminders for year 4

  • PE Tuesday: All jewellery needs to be removed.
  • Homework: x tables sheet, Sumdog, learn spellings and reading. A times tables sheet is given out on a Friday and needs to be handed in on the following Tuesday. If there are any problems about the homework task, please get your child to speak to Mrs Smith on Monday.
  • Spellings: given out on a Friday and tested on the following Friday
  • Times tables: test on a Friday
  • Library: Tuesday