Year 4

In Literacy we will be reading and working from two books – Stig of the Dump and The Twits.We will work on creative writing skills; writing about characters and settings.  The children will be developing a variety of mathematical concepts throughout the year, beginning with number and place value. Please can you talk to the children at home about the maths they are doing and, where possible, link it to the real world. For example using negative numbers when talking about temperature.

Our topic is History based – “Rotten Romans.”  We will be finding out about Roman Britain, who the Romans were and where they came from, who was living in Britain when the Romans invaded and who Boudicca was.

In Science we will be learning about Sound for the first half term and moving on to the topic ‘You are What you Eat’ – all about food and nutrition and how to stay healthy. We will be finding out all about the Digestive System and how it works.

During Art and Design we will be developing drawing skills, following art ‘journeys’. The children will be investigating Aboriginal art, how art can be used to represent objects and features of maps and journeys, as well as looking at the work of other artists.

Other subjects we will be covering include:

French – learning to use appropriate greetings, learning numbers to 30 and beginning to have short conversations with each other.

Computing – learning about E-safety, coding and practising research skills.

PE – will be on Tuesday afternoons. The children can continue to wear PE kit to school. Earrings must not be worn for PE, please ensure they are not worn on these days or the children are able to remove these themselves prior to the lesson.


Spellings – will be given out on Monday morning, practised in class (and at home!) during the week ready for a test on Friday morning.

There will also be regular times tables tests on a Friday morning.

Homework – the expectation for this remains the same: practising times tables, spellings practise and reading regularly.