Year 4

For the first half of the Spring Term, our theme is ‘You Are What You Eat’ where we will be exploring healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. This will link to our Science unit on digestion where we will be learning about how food is digested in the body and also how it is used to give us energy and strengthen our muscles. In Design & Technology, we will be creating our own recipes for a savoury meal; making sure it is well balanced and healthy. We will then get the opportunity to make some healthy snacks. 

For the second half of the Spring Term, our theme is ‘The Rainforest’ where we will be focussing mainly on physical geography including weather, changes in the environment and a locality study. In art, we will be studying the artist Rousseau and creating animal collages. We will link our theme with our Science unit which is ‘Animals and their habitats’.

In Maths this term we will be exploring shape, space and measure while revisiting calculating; particularly multiplication and division. Some revision of telling the time at home would be really useful as well as continued revision of times tables. In English we will be studying a range of text types including persuasive writing, writing our own versions of Little Red Riding Hood and an in depth look into the poem ‘The Iron Man’.

Optional creative homework: What does the future look like for the Amazon Rainforest? Explore using research and create a piece of homework to reflect what you have found out. This could be a piece of artwork, a story or a powerpoint presentation or anything else you would like to create.