Year 3

Our topic this term in 3D is ‘Let There Be Light and is a Science based topic.

We will be exploring light and shadow including how we see things and how mirrors work. We will be continuing to explore the world around us in Geography, looking at the features of the Earth and using maps to locate countries and capital cities, focusing on Europe as well as investigating different climate zones.

During Art we will continue to develop our drawing skills, and during DT we will look at 3D designs and structures.

Literacy over the whole term will find us reading and writing our own warning tales, letters and composing our own poems.

Our Math’s work will involve us developing Math’s concepts progressively throughout the year which will provide the children with frequent opportunities to consolidate their previous learning in all aspects of the Math’s curriculum.

In computing we will be learning about E-safety and practising our research skills.

3D will have regular PE lessons on Mondays.  Please ensure your child has their named PE kit at school at all times.

This half-term’s topic is Science based and is all about Light and Dark. The optional creative homework is to demonstrate an understanding of shadows. Some examples of this could be through making a fact file, a poster or one of the following:

Make a shadow frame using cardboard and contact paper, this is great for experimenting with different shapes and types of materials. Try translucent and opaque materials to investigate how the colour of the shadow changes.

You could try making some shadow puppets – visit for some ideas and instructions.

I look forward to seeing your finished projects !!