Year 3

Our topic this half- term in 3D is “Rock of Ages.”

In Science we will explore and classify different types of rocks and soils and learn about fossils.  In History we will research where and how people lived in the Stone Age to Iron Age era.

During Art we will be developing our drawing skills, but also using chalks and pastels to create cave paintings.

In RE, we will learn about life as a Christian.

The next half-term, the topic is “Our Local Area”

In Geography we will then be looking at the physical and human features of the area we live in as well as beginning to use maps.

Literacy over the whole term will find us delving into the world of myths and legends and writing stories, instructions, reports and poetry. There will be an emphasis on reading so please continue to read regularly with the children and encourage them to ask questions and talk about the books they are reading.

Our Math’s work will involve us developing Math’s concepts progressively throughout the year which will provide the children with frequent opportunities to consolidate their previous learning in all aspects of the Math’s curriculum. In Autumn term this will mainly focus on place value and number work, including calculations

In French we will be learning how to use appropriate greetings, learning numbers to 30 and beginning to have a short conversation with each other.

In computing we will be learning about E-safety and practising our research skills.

3D will have PE on Mondays.  Please ensure your child has their named PE kit at school.

Homework is the same – reading 5 times a week, practicing spellings for a test on Fridays and using TT Rock Stars to learn times tables.

Optional creative homework 3D


  1. Research and write a fact file about Stone Age life – food, shelter, clothes, and tools.
  2. Write a story set in the Stone Age.
  3. Find out about Stone Age animals and make an alphabetical list.
  4. Write a Stone Age poem.


  1. Make a model stone age axe.
  2. Draw and label a Stone Age person – how were they different to us?
  3. Make some Stone Age jewellery.
  4. Draw a fossil.
  5. Make and label your own collection of rocks.