Year 2

Year 2 are transforming into TIME TRAVELLERS for our final term of the year where they will be venturing through key moments in History such as the first flight, the Canvey Island Flood and the moon landing. We will be focussing on our enquiry skills in Science and the children will have the opportunity to investigate the flight of paper aeroplanes and testing the force of some homemade rockets. In English, we will be writing stories based upon The Man on the Moon and writing newspaper reports. In Maths we are revising all topics learnt so far while also learning about reading scales and position and direction.

OPTIONAL CREATIVE HOMEWORK: How amazing would it be if we had a classroom full of time travel machines! We could travel back to the nineties and dance with the Spice Girls or back to the forties and experience what it was like living in World War 2. You can make your time travel machine in any way… have fun!