Our Local Area and Community

West Wood

Welcome to Westwood Academy’s enchanting corner of nature – West Wood, a hidden gem adjacent to our school grounds. Managed by the dedicated Castle Point Wildlife Group, this 80-acre expanse of ancient woodland is not just a haven for local wildlife, but also an outdoor classroom where learning about nature comes to life.

West Wood, nestled off Rayleigh Road, boasts a rich history as former Church-owned land, now carefully stewarded by Castle Point Wildlife Group on behalf of Castle Point Borough Council. This thriving woodland is not merely a backdrop to our school; it’s an invaluable resource for environmental education and exploration.

Castle Point Wildlife Group, commissioned by the Borough Council, actively engages in regenerating West Wood and safeguarding the diverse habitats of its inhabitants. From the bustling badger sets to the vibrant bluebell carpets that adorn the forest floor, the wood teems with life. As part of their commitment to environmental stewardship, the group has undertaken projects such as the restoration of a pond – a water haven for local flora and fauna.

For more detailed information about West Wood, its wildlife, and ongoing conservation efforts, please visit the Castle Point Borough Council website here.

At Westwood Academy, we take pride in our proximity to this natural treasure and consider it an extension of our classroom. Join us in fostering a love for the environment as we explore, learn, and cherish the beauty of West Wood and its inhabitants.