For 2017-18, we have used our Sports Premium funding (SP) to make more clubs available to our pupils free of charge – this is to increase participation rates in sport and to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.  Through the course of the year, we will seek to offer the clubs that the pupils most want, as identified through pupil perception analysis.  Our first terms offer reflects the most popular choices identified at the end of the last academic year by the pupils.  We will also ensure that if a pupil does not get a place on a club, that they will be prioritised in the next term over pupils who have already taken a turn – waiting lists will be held by the office.

Please ask at the school office about availability of places in each club, some have specific application forms and these are also available from the school office.

Current Clubs

Tuesday3.15-4.15AthleticsY3-Y6Free of chargeDeanes
3.15-4.15BalletY1-Y2Free of chargeDeanes
Thursday3.15-4.15StreetdanceY3-Y6Free of chargeDeanes
 12.30-1.00ChoirY1-Y6Free of chargeMr Stanley
Friday1.30-2.30FootballY1-Y2 &


Free of chargeDeanes
1.30-2.45GardeningY3-Y6£25.00 for 10 weeksMrs Scarisbrick