Year 6

This term in 6D.

In Year 6 this term our focus is on preparing the children for the SATs tests which take place in May.  We will be concentrating on Maths and Literacy and the children will be completing practice test papers in these subjects.  Homework will be set on a daily basis and will be consistent with the topics covered in class. The children will have an opportunity to discuss any issues they are having with the homework the day before it is due in.

Help from home: The children will be bringing their completed test papers home, it would be helpful if you could encourage the children to use these as revision aids. Any extra help/practice the children receive at home is much appreciated; regular reading is also very important.

Use of film in year 6: In literacy work we may be using a variety of films, in whole or in part, to enhance learning. Some of these films may be rated as PG. If you do not wish your child to view a PG film in class please let us know.

PE continues to take place on Thursday afternoon and all children are required to have PE kit in school.