Year 4

Spring 1 topic: You are what you eat!

This is a Science and DT based topic where we will be learning about the digestive system, healthy eating and the teeth of humans and animals. This work will involve lots of practical investigations into how the digestive system works. At the end of this topic the pupils will apply their knowledge of healthy eating to plan and cook a healthy snack.

Spring 2 topic: The Rainforest.

The second half term topic is all about the Rainforest. This is a Geography and Science based topic. The class will learn about the locations and climate of the rainforests. They will also find out about the people and settlements of the rainforest, they will explore why the rainforest is under threat and the measures taken to protect it. In science they will learn how living things can be grouped in a variety of ways. They will explore and use classification keys to help group and identify and name a variety of living things in their local and also the Rainforest environment.

Weekly reminders for Year 4:

PE is now on a Thursday.  Children should keep their PE bag in school every day and will need an indoor and outdoor PE kit. READING: All children should try to read a small amount of their school book every night (even free readers) and an adult must sign the reading record to say that the book is completed before it will be changed. Please remember to ask your child questions about the book to help develop their comprehension skills. HOMEWORK is set on a Friday and should be handed in on the following Tuesday. The homework tasks are to consolidate the learning that we have been doing in the classroom except occasionally when we may ask the children to carry out a piece of research. SPELLINGS are set on a Monday and tested on a Thursday. Times tables are tested on a Wednesday. Please support your child with learning these. If your child is absent from school on a Monday please encourage them to ask for the lists when they return to school.