Year 2

This term in 2F.

Happy New Year! This half term we will be learning all about ‘New York’. This theme will feed into our literacy in which we will be looking at persuasive writing – a guide to New York.  Children will be applying skills learnt in the first term such as types of sentences and varied punctuation. There will be a heavy focus on spellings also so please continue daily practice of the spellings given out for homework as well as the daily reading. It really does make a huge difference! Across the foundation subjects, we will be learning the seven continents and oceans, physical and human features of New York and using this to compare New York to Hadleigh. We will be learning about ‘events within living memory’ in history and for this we will be looking at 9 / 11, the Twin Towers. We are going to be looking at materials in science and DT and making a model of the twin towers in the last week. PE will be gymnastics and ball control skills. This is still Mondays and Fridays. Homework is also the same, given out Fridays and back in Wednesday latest.  Thanks, Miss Ferguson.