This term in Reception we have the exciting task of looking for a lost penguin! The Penguin from the book Lost and Found thought he lived here when we had snow and is now lost. We are enjoying finding notes from him and The Boy, his friend and hope to find him soon. To help us we are learning all about penguins and where they come from and will be finding out about other Polar animals. The children are all working hard to learn all their letter sounds and have made great progress in their reading. The focus will now move towards encouraging the children to use their phonic knowledge when writing, so please encourage this as much as possible at home. The most engaging way to encourage writing is through play; writing shopping lists during role-play, writing name labels for toys and characters, signs for models etc. The more practice the children have, the more confident writers they will become! In Maths we are learning about ‘more’ and ‘less’ as a foundation for simple addition and subtraction activities. We will also be exploring 3D shapes. Thank you for your continued support. Best wishes, Mrs Ashton.