The children have had a fantastic first week at school and have settled very well into their new classroom.  This term our main focus is to ensure your child’s transition to school is as smooth as possible and to establish rules, routines and behaviour expectations. Once the children are settled and happy in their classroom, they will gradually be introduced to the rest of the school environment and whole school events such as assemblies. The focus in the first weeks of school will be to teach the children how to be as independent as possible. We will be encouraging the children to select learning activities based on their own interests and curiosities and to take responsibility for looking after the equipment they use and to tidy away when they have finished. If this could be encouraged at home also it would be very much appreciated. The children have open access to the indoor and outdoor classrooms and will be taught how to treat both environments and each other with respect and courtesy.

When the children have adjusted to the length of the school day and the tiredness this brings, they will bring home a reading book and we will commence more regular sessions of Phonics and Maths. Look out for a note at the end of each day telling you what the ‘Sound of the day’ is for the following day and requesting an object from home to come in to school for the sound (please note, children may not all have the same sounds so please check your child’s note).  All children will need to have a full PE kit labelled with their name in school by next week ready to start our PE lessons which will commence on Friday and that ALL items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name to try and avoid any mix-ups during changing time. From next week, it would be helpful for the pupils to try and come into the classroom and organise their own belongings so please say goodbye to your child at the classroom door. The week after can I ask that you leave them at the gate to the reception outdoor area and watch them walk into class with their friends. It is important that, even at this early stage in your child’s journey through school, that they feel empowered and trusted to be as independent as possible, although of course we are always waiting to help and reassure them is they should need it.

After October half term our theme will change from All About Me to become more festive in the exciting build up to Christmas where the children will be engaged in a range of cross curricular activities, outings and events at school (look out for further information on this in upcoming newsletters).  Thank you once again for your support.