Happy New Year from the Reception Team! This term our topic is ‘All around the world’. We will be looking at a different country each week, chosen by the children. At home, feel free to research our country of the week, or any other countries your child may express an interest in. We are continuing to learn diagraphs in phonics such as ‘ow’, ‘ur’ and ‘oi’, so please encourage your children to write words containing their new sounds at home and practice reading them back to you. Maths opportunities are all around us, so whether it is counting cars on the way to school, or talking about what time of day it is, any additional input at home is going to help your child’s progress at school. PE is on Fridays, so please make sure your child has their kit at school. As always, continue to read with your children at home, encouraging them to use their reading hand to sound out the words. You should now have access to the Tapestry Journal to see the learning your child has been doing at school; please add anything your child is proud of doing at home, so that we can share their success with the class!